Through an artistic and créatif process, my aim is to deconstruct and reconstruct the elements consisting of the world we live in. In most cases this world is WE ourselves. So the first step is on my-self. Each project is an opportunity to improve my own limits, believes and experiences, it maybe can happen if we playfully, and not always carefully. At the beginning of each creation i'm going to explore different relations between verbal and physical languages, through improvisation, trying to develop more complex dynamics between them. Focusing my attention on basic terms such as volume, rhythm, accents, images sensations, emotions and intensity.

““Androgino” (Solo in Physical Theater, Creation 2020

This is one of the currents projects in which Alberto is working on. It’ll be a “Solo-performance”
-Gender- is the main topic in this rehearsal….
After the feminist revolution, this propositions reveals generously an intimate vision about the masculine condition, and how it is constructed. To question the masculine, what it is to be a boy? It is an approach to question at first his own masculine status, then to bring a reflection on the "-deconstruction-" of gender and virility. To confront the archetypes Male & Female. In the perspective of finding the path of complementarity, of a new BEING -Androgino.

"My piss of Art". (Solo-Performance, 20 min. 2015 )

This piece was the exit of the workshop “Make your self a favor” with Ivo Dimchev. It was about making yourself a solo work. Where each individual has explored diverse ways on writing own dramaturgy, dealing with space , objects, contexts , making choices. The aim of the workshop has been that everyone at the end of it has a coherent solo performance that expresses at best our own artistic individuality.

““Autoportrait" (Site- specific performance, 20 min. 2014)

The experience of personal life was taken as a starting point for this creation. These actions aim to develop a work in site specific, by interacting the "body" with the various elements that integrate the place already selected, such as: sound, architecture, natural light and forms that offer the place of representation in itself. This self-portrait is offered in the public space to create an encounter between my own nature and space. The proximity to the public, allows easier access to the atmosphere and better follow the proposed space path.

“L’invocation de l’esprit” (Circus performance, 40 min. 2012)

JOURNEY: At the origin of the creation a series of questions arose with respect to the "understanding of my person". Expressive necessities were born in order to find an IDENTITY. Who am I? Where I come from? Where am I going? The native "cosmovision" of my ancestors resurfaces as a part of my personal history but also and above all as a subject of creation. Through the staging of characters of life, human or inhuman, I aim to offer an altered vision of reality and to bring a more human reflection based on the sensitivity of each. That's how I left with the intention of setting circus disciplines in motion .... The aesthetics and fluidity of the dance enter into dialogue with hand-balances and the manipulation of a one ball. Exploring different paths, different ways to connect the intuitive fluidity of dance as well as the complexity and precision of the circus arts. To enrich oneself in the fullness of the movement, by a bodily preparation and linked to a dramatic acrobatics, gives rise to the different territories of my performance

Creations for public spaces

...The city belongs to us, squares, metro, shops, parks or gardens... When the inciter is exposed in front of the eyes of urbanity. In the beginning there is the look, the immobility, then gradually the meeting is released, and step by step without realizing it all becomes clear, a detail enchants us, a smile comes to us, the situations reveal their part of mood. The city and the people are there available, open if we are open. An exceptional playground is offered to those who dare to meet.

Then, the ordinary becomes under our eyes magical, but without special effects, naturally EXTRA-ORDINARY...


Creation site specific at La central del Cirq. (Barcelone, ES. 45 minutes, 2018.)

Collective creation in site specific, focused on the surprise and exploitation of space, based on the abilities and achievements of each artist participating. Writing in situ playing with spaces, bodies, fragmented narratives, raw images, a bare circus… Discover, master and inspire yourself from the place itself. Understand and discover the other artistes-participants. The objective was to build all together in function of the group and space. In which each artists is the responsable and creator of the piece. The experience finished with a final presentation of the work realised during the week. In the frame of 17e. Festival Escena Poblenou. This project was directed by Yaëlle Antoine and Didier Préaudat. Organised and managed by -La Central del Cirq

 Project “Immersion Invisible” (Tessin, Ch. 50 minutes, 2017)

« Immersion Invisible. »This is my first project -Direction.Being the bearer and the initiator, I find myself at the head of a team of 5 people. This project was born in the framework of studies in Master of Arts in Physical Theater at the Accademia Teatro Dimitri, in Switzerland. Where I chose to research in the field of -public spacesThe primary objective in this creation was to act and question "Everyday life". I have sought to conceive potentially theatrical situations, within the everyday reality of our shared environment. Work of detail observation, to study and analyze the peculiarities of these places to finally detect "what makes art in the street when there is no art in the street"

 Project "Nutriment-Habitat-Creativo” (Terni, It. 2016)

 I was selected to direct and realize “Nutrimenti-HabitatCreativo.” This project is an artistic and participative genre, in company of performative interventions and installations in non-conventional places of urban zones.

The fonction was a residence for a period of 3 weeks, me and another visual artist (David Bertola.) We imagined, thought and designed a full work schedule of the various proposals called "challenges". Both of us started with the goal of actively participating in the urban landscape, to influence it in a creative and stimulating way, to change the normal course of daily life. We have undertaken strategies to create -proximity- with people in their own usual environment, with dynamics and participative games, to overcome the strangeness that separates us. In this project we had all the freedom to develop our own ideas and desires, but in the same way it gave us even more responsibility to apply and concretise these challenges.

Personally this project allowed me to experiment and set up artistic forms in order to "question their living space and their territory", I had the favorable framework to put me in direct contact and propose collaborations to locals, walkers, refugees and young artists. My imagination and work as an artist has had to conceive creative forms for each social sphere. So I was able to dig social and human questions, and I was able to answer the personal inquiry to put in relationcooperation: "Artists, inhabitants and territory", those elements hold a central place in my efforts, as creatorresearcher for the public spaces.

 Laboratory “FerMENTinScena” (Montalcino, IT. 2016)

Theater Laboratory in the public space "FerMENTInScena." We have created various short pieces, solo, duo and collectif. Starting with one and different principles to develop in each time. Individually we have chosen a space in the city of Montalcino to create and stage small forms whose assembly created a show ambulatory. For me it was a great experience in exploring new scenic fields. At the same time the subject of territory and the place that has the spectator we did not have enough time to address it. We focused instead on the production of performing arts in the residential and shared habitat sectors, in direct contact with urban and architectural spaces. This laboratory was under the direction of Stefano Luca (direction) and Manfredi Rutelli (dramaturgy)

Street theater shows (Various creation 2010-2016)

When I arrived in Europe, I faced a new culture, different systems of operation and a complex cultural circuit to understand. As an independent artist, I was shove to realize my performance on the street. At the beginning, 7 years ago, it was more an entertainment show, despite that, a communication started to flourish, trying to establish an intimate communication with my audience. So in my early years I was confronted with the question: How to capture the look of the "no spectator-"? The skills and fascinations in my practice of circus were a great support for conducting this investigation. In parallel, thanks to experimenting in differents circumstances, an ability develops on me, to perceive the various external elements beyond oneself as a performer, in geography, the location of the representation, the cultural codes, the particularities of the terrain to invest… Gradually, through my confrontation with these factors, I began to take advantage of the unexpected, and reactions felt by the participants during the intervention. Then afterwards, to be able to re-borrow the direction of the planned show, but this time with the stimulus of the external factor taken into account. That's how I managed to summon so many people. to gather them and to feel together the strength of rapprochement... I strongly believe in the power of the masses and the potential for -collective- transformation


-Company Teatro dei Venti, peice “MOBY DICK” (Italy 2018)

Street show of Teatro dei Venti This performance-event is devised for urban settings, staging Captain Ahab’s ship and his obsession to find the White Whale, with huge theatrical machine and a company of 25 artists, including actors, musicians, acrobats and technicians. Teatro dei Venti continues in its artistic research in urban settings with a street performance that connects with the community and with the themes of a classic in world literature. The epic and nautical setting for Melville’s novel meets with the archaic sound of traditional barrels from Campania, in a work comprising philosophical reflections about the unknown, the contamination between languages from the East and West, and the use of huge theatrical machines.

Move the Public space- (Brussels, 2017)

Leader project: Vicky Angelidou

Through a open call we have been selected 8 artists to participate in a residence, ours rehearsals were directed to do Interventions in public spaces. The selected topic has been “GAMES.” We have applied some games on the streets with the intention to spark with the people passing by.

-“Introspective” LaM

Special creation at the request of the museum LaM (Museum of contemporary art and brut art.) In the frame of the closing exhibition "INTROSPECTIVE" of Michel Nedjar.
To achieve this performance I was in residence during 10 days in the museum face to face of the works, to create a performance inspired by the plastic work of the French artist Michel Nedjar, and thus incarnate in body and movement the many facets of his the work: "sculptures, paintings, drawings and experimental films."


Play with the "momentum", it means the feeling of suspended bodies, otherwise named as the acrobatic moment. For all who likes to jump everywhere, fall together, get up and fly one over the other one... This workshop gives you the opportunity to learn and experiment with different ways to awaken communication and relationship with the partners, whether through the body, the look, time or space.
It's about playing with the dynamics of the movement, using it as a source of energy to feel, create and especially to sweat all together.

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